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It's been a while since we first started sharing our thoughs on Facebook. It's been an amazing journey discovering great content, unique bloggers, amazing magazines. Definitely not something we would regret doing.
The most lovely part of all it's been knowing different people around us that has made this  experience even better! That's why today we wanted to share some of our latest content with you.

We can't wait to see what's to come, how Paris will change in these next years and how Bloggers and audience will become one little by little.
The charm of Paris  has created a lot of fans and being able to apreciate it everyday from Paris is not as great as sharing this magic with all of you.
As you all know by now we are always looking for new adventures and different ways of sharing Paris with all of you, so don't you doubt is anytime you feel like sharing something with us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we are everywhere!

Picnic in Paris

Paris has always been seen as this magical classy and luxurious city that captivates tourists. Yes, Paris can make you go crazy, snob and spend your lifetime savings, but one of the things that makes this city what it is... is that it always offers balance.

Seeing Parisians spend their afternoons by the Seine doing picnics definitely catched my attention! I was not that sure in the first place but then I started behaving like one of them and you what? I liked it! So today's question and dream for you is going to be "How would your perfect Parisian picnic be ?" Let me know! 

Photos by Paris in Four Months and Tresor Parisien

Best Parisian Instagrammers

Instagramm is the new Twitter, the new Facebook and the new life! Right? You can see many thing just by taking a look at your Instagram feed and today, we are going to introduce you to the best Parisian Instagrammers!